Shorelines In Banyuwangi

Shorelines In Banyuwangi is the easternmost piece of Java, sticking out into the ocean. It’s only a short ship ride from Bali and is a standout amongst the most mainstream crossing focuses for vacationers voyaging east. Before you hop on that ship, however, there’s a couple of spots you should look at.

  1. Red Island Beach

Red Island or “Pantai Merah” hypnotizes vacationer from around the globe, mainly surfers who search for high waves to ride. Red Island waves are around 2 meters high – ideal for newbies. Blue, clear waters, and red and add appeal to this separated coastline.


  1. Plengkung Beach

Settled in Alas Purwo National Park, Plengkung is another surfer’s heaven that is earned global acclaim. Known as G-Land, this shoreline brags the “Seven Giant Waves Wonder,” which is a progression of enormous waves (usually seven) more than six meters tall. The shore lies on the edge of the thick rainforest, and you need to trek through the tropical heaven to arrive.

  1. Parang Kursi Beach

Situated between Red Island and Lampoon Beach, Parang Kursi is another tropical heaven with turquoise water and pinkish-beige powder-like sand. Enormous shake developments dab the scene. Arriving require another wilderness trek!

  1. Parang Ireng Beach

Named the emerald of Banyuwangi, Parang Ireng has staggering rock and coral arrangements, which turn green with green growth. Encompassed by the rich rainforest of Alas Purwo, the shoreline is a fantastic mix of green, beige (from the pepper-like sand) and blue. It gets its name from a load of dark rocks to the other side. You won’t discover any offices here, and you required a guide and leased the truck to achieve it – yet when you arrive, you’ll most likely have everything to yourself.